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--- Comment #71 from Cole Poirier <colepoirier at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #70)
> (In reply to Cole Poirier from comment #69)
> > I have made the small code additions necessary to connect the Bperm module
> > to the fu/logical pipeline, and added the test for this to
> > test_pipe_caller.py. 
> great.  if it passes, commit it, git pull, then push it.  let's take a look.

I can't run the test, see below.

> > Important question,
> important _non-sequitur_ question.
> > has soc.decoder.isa.all.ISA() been
> > moved to soc.decoder.pseudo.pagereader.ISA()?
> pagereader.ISA is for reading the ISA markdown files.  that is its job.
> it creates a data structure that conveniently allows access in python
> to the contents of those markdown files.
> decoder.isa.all.ISA() is an auto-generated representation *of* the
> pseudo-code - converted to python - for use by the simulator.
> there is absolutely no relation whatsoever between the two tasks that
> these two completely different modules perform, other than that, by
> coincidence, pagereader.ISA happens to read the pseudocode that is
> auto-oonverted to python and contained in decoder.isa.all.ISA()
> hence why i am left puzzled and wondering - out of fascinated curiosity -
> why there would be any reason why you imagine that one would be moved
> to the other.
> same name, perhaps?  was that it?

Yes, has caused an hour of headache. decoder/all.py is needed in order to run
the tests. all.py is auto-generated, so is not present in the directory. How am
I supposed to auto-generate it? Is it supposed to be autogenerated by the test
itself? This would be odd as the fu/logical/tests/test_pipe_caller.py file
imports this at the top of the file. Essentially, help I am quite stuck after
trying to solve this for an hour.

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