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--- Comment #70 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
(In reply to Cole Poirier from comment #69)
> I have made the small code additions necessary to connect the Bperm module
> to the fu/logical pipeline, and added the test for this to
> test_pipe_caller.py. 

great.  if it passes, commit it, git pull, then push it.  let's take a look.

> Important question,

important _non-sequitur_ question.

> has soc.decoder.isa.all.ISA() been
> moved to soc.decoder.pseudo.pagereader.ISA()?

pagereader.ISA is for reading the ISA markdown files.  that is its job.
it creates a data structure that conveniently allows access in python
to the contents of those markdown files.

decoder.isa.all.ISA() is an auto-generated representation *of* the
pseudo-code - converted to python - for use by the simulator.

there is absolutely no relation whatsoever between the two tasks that
these two completely different modules perform, other than that, by
coincidence, pagereader.ISA happens to read the pseudocode that is
auto-oonverted to python and contained in decoder.isa.all.ISA()

hence why i am left puzzled and wondering - out of fascinated curiosity -
why there would be any reason why you imagine that one would be moved
to the other.

same name, perhaps?  was that it?

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