[libre-riscv-dev] [Bug 323] create POWER9 MUL pipeline

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Wed May 20 01:35:55 BST 2020


--- Comment #2 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---

i moved mul operations over to a MUL Function Unit.  the unit test,
test_pipe_caller.py, when cookie-cut copied over, should then be changed:

                    fn_unit = yield pdecode2.e.fn_unit
                    self.assertEqual(fn_unit, Function.SHIFT_ROT.value)


                    fn_unit = yield pdecode2.e.fn_unit
                    self.assertEqual(fn_unit, Function.MUL.value)

really we should look at some point at deriving a class to contain
the common code from all these tests, soc.fn.*.test.test_pipe_caller.py

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