[libre-riscv-dev] Application for funding for RISC-V ISA development for Video Acceleration: Call for Participation

Frieder Paape frieder at paape.io
Sun Sep 22 08:16:51 BST 2019

Hi Luke,

as a german national I would be able to be the main submitter. However I am a software engineer with little to no experience in hardware projects ( which I'd like to change some day ). Therefore I could serve as a proxy and deal with administrative tasks. Is that what you're searching for?


El September 21, 2019 10:58:18 AM UTC, lkcl <luke.leighton at gmail.com> escribió:
>Here is the preliminary writeup:
>I will put this proposal in *very soon* (2-3 days) and it would be much
>better for someone from the EU to be the main "submitter".
>Things to note about the NLNet Foundation:
>* these are donations. they are tax deductible.
>* there is NO CONTRACT. this is not work for hire or employment.
>* an individual or a University may be the recipient but a Corporation
>may NOT be.
>* a University is at liberty to use the donations to e.g hire interns.
>* helping with the submission is NOT a contractual obligation to
>NLNet has a specialist in International Accountancy Law so the
>Foundation's quite weird rules are specifically designed to mesh with
>their charitable status.
>Additional requirements:
>All discussions, all development, *must* be done transparently and
>using publicly accessible libre licensed resources. Clearly private
>conversations will take place, however meeting NLNet's transparency
>requirements are extremely important: there must be ZERO opportunity
>for endusers to suspect "underhanded" behaviour when it comes to their
>See http://nlnet.nl/PET for the full details on this.
>Proprietary extensions and extensions which cannot be accessed publicly
>or participation is excluded due to NDAs or similar will not be funded
>or utilised. This due again to the lack of transparency, which is
>absolute and paramount. No exceptions.
>Proprietary software or proprietary firmware will not be funded. No
>PHDs which have a requirement for full secrecy due to "unique research"
>will unfortunately most likely conflict with the full transparency
>requirements. If in doubt, do please ask.
>The primary license(s) for all contributions must be GNU LGPL or at the
>very least compatible with the GNU LGPL (MIT EXPAT or 2 clause BSD).
>There is case by case flexibility here with strong preference for LGPL
>and GFDL.
>The work carried out needs to be useable by the Libre RISC-V SoC.
>Other than that, there is freedom to pretty much do what you want,
>funded up to a total of EUR 50,000.
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