[libre-riscv-dev] Application for funding for RISC-V ISA development for Video Acceleration: Call for Participation

lkcl luke.leighton at gmail.com
Sat Sep 21 11:58:18 BST 2019

Here is the preliminary writeup:

I will put this proposal in *very soon* (2-3 days) and it would be much better for someone from the EU to be the main "submitter".

Things to note about the NLNet Foundation:

* these are donations. they are tax deductible.
* there is NO CONTRACT. this is not work for hire or employment.
* an individual or a University may be the recipient but a Corporation may NOT be.
* a University is at liberty to use the donations to e.g hire interns.
* helping with the submission is NOT a contractual obligation to participate.

NLNet has a specialist in International Accountancy Law so the Foundation's quite weird rules are specifically designed to mesh with their charitable status.

Additional requirements:

All discussions, all development, *must* be done transparently and using publicly accessible libre licensed resources. Clearly private conversations will take place, however meeting NLNet's transparency requirements are extremely important: there must be ZERO opportunity for endusers to suspect "underhanded" behaviour when it comes to their privacy.

See http://nlnet.nl/PET for the full details on this.

Proprietary extensions and extensions which cannot be accessed publicly or participation is excluded due to NDAs or similar will not be funded or utilised. This due again to the lack of transparency, which is absolute and paramount. No exceptions.

Proprietary software or proprietary firmware will not be funded. No exceptions.

PHDs which have a requirement for full secrecy due to "unique research" will unfortunately most likely conflict with the full transparency requirements. If in doubt, do please ask.

The primary license(s) for all contributions must be GNU LGPL or at the very least compatible with the GNU LGPL (MIT EXPAT or 2 clause BSD). There is case by case flexibility here with strong preference for LGPL and GFDL.

The work carried out needs to be useable by the Libre RISC-V SoC.

Other than that, there is freedom to pretty much do what you want, funded up to a total of EUR 50,000.


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