[Libre-soc-bugs] [Bug 199] Layout using coriolis2 main core, 180nm

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--- Comment #93 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
(In reply to Jean-Paul.Chaput from comment #92)
> (In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #90)
> > https://libre-soc.org/180nm_Oct2020/2020-09-30_19-13.png
> > 
> > hmmm, jean-paul: some of the pins are coming in from almost 100% the
> > opposite side.  it seems that there is no... "weighted influence" on
> > where the cells associated with the I/O should be placed.
> > 
> > could this be solved algorithmically (with a "this I/O pad pin please
> > give it 5% weighting to put its cells closer to the pin" style algorithm)
>   I just completed the whole chip P&R, I used the bba238c commit.
>   Everything seems to have gone fine. 

this is the "test" which takes a lot shorter time, core module is cut out.

> I/O pads are more or less well
>   placed (no more than the length of the side). It is already done,
>   I/O pad should attract the cells they are connected to. But it is
>   a weak influence compared to their connexion inside the chip.
>   But I only get 35K gates for the core, is this normal ?

no, need to copy non_generated/full_core_ls180.il to ls180.il and also edit
ioring.py to change to larger size (see comments)

this is what has 7000 unrouted segments.

i have a run going increased chip.core by 1000 lambda

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