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over-run 80 chars

tobias, hi, code-review:

* please keep to under 80 chars.  the best way to do this is to make sure
  that the editor window is only 80 chars wide.

* please do not make multi-purpose commits.  the commit contains about a
  hundred lines of undocumented whitespace changes... *AND* contains
  code changes

* range(0, array_size) does not need the 0,.  just range(array_size)

* the 2D array can actually be done as a 1D array of Signals of length N

        for i in range(0, array_size):
            ul2 = []
            for j in range(0, array_size):

   can just be:

        for i in range(array_size):

* Signals all need to be reset_less=True (with very few exceptions)

* Signals in loops do not end up being named properly ($1, $2) which
  gets really annoying.

  add a parameter name="addr_match_%d" % j

* the traditional industry-standard short-name in hardware for "byte enable"
  is just "en".

        layout = (('data', 128),
                  ('en', 16)

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