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--- Comment #52 from Cole Poirier <colepoirier at gmail.com> ---
Michael, or Luke,

In order to add Bpermd to LogicalMainStage, it appears that I first have to add
it to soc.decoder.power_enums.InternalOp, because that is the type of the cases
for the switch statement. The switch-case statment 'matches' on 'op.isn_type'
which is an InternalOp. Is it possible to user Bpermd inside of a with m.Case
statement, given that all the other m.Case statements wrap InternalOp.isn's and
the bpermd TODO comment template expects InternalOp.OP_BPERM? If I need to add
OP_BPERM to soc.decoder.power_enums.InternalOp, are there any special
instructions or restrictions for doing so? As this will be my first time
touching code that is used by other people I want to make sure I don't
interfere with or break anything.

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