[libre-riscv-dev] LibreSOC - RISCV and POWER dual architecture feasibility

Staf Verhaegen staf at fibraservi.eu
Sun Mar 15 22:04:32 GMT 2020

Immanuel, Yehowshua U schreef op zo 15-03-2020 om 19:52 [+0000]:
> > 
> > Later (for Libre-SOC v2 or v3), it might be a good idea to add support for
> > x86 and x86_64 user-mode since the patents for the base ISA will have
> > expired by then. This would help give us an advantage since it would allow
> > us to run legacy software.
> Isn’t x86 kinda big - like a 1000+ instructions? How would this impact our power target…
> But other than that, I’m all for adding x86 support.

If you consider implementing x86 instruction set you also need to
consider the risk of patent lawsuits being filed at you...

Risc-V instruction set is specially designed to only use features which
are not patented or for which the patents have expired. I did not dive
in the open licensing terms but I assume that includes patent licenses.


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