[libre-riscv-dev] LibreSOC - RISCV and POWER dual architecture feasibility

Immanuel, Yehowshua U yimmanuel3 at gatech.edu
Sun Mar 15 19:32:46 GMT 2020


So to sum up - we have limited funding currently, and we want to have something to show hopefully by October - progress on RISCV is already well underway.

Lets make this prominent on the website - that we’re currently doing Dual ISAs.

Once we do get a lot of more funding, I would eventually like to move to only supporting one architecture which seems to be POWER right now. I say this because I believe supporting DUAL ISA down the road will cause more headaches than its worth. Not that it isn’t possible, but its notably non-trivial and adds little value to most customers.

We can explain this to our backers - people can be flexible - especially over a cup of tea.

However for right now, the risk minimizing move (if I understand everything correctly) is to maintain the position of supporting both ISA with incremental additions of POWER.

Who knows, I could be wrong. Maybe people really would find a use for dual ISAs - but up front, to investor for example, and to me, it looks unnecessary.

What are your thoughts on this?


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