[libre-riscv-dev] Understanding the LibreSOC core

Sanjay Menon sanjayamenon.mec at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 19:03:22 BST 2020


Currently making a little progress on the nMigen tool.

Got to see some interesting things been discussed on the Alexa IOT pitch
for LibreSOC.

I have a few questions for you guys

1.Where do I start if I where to check into the LibreSoC source code?

2. Is this SoC in any way similar to the Xilinx ZYNQ architecture?.
Where the ARM embedded processor would be replaced by PowerPC and the
reconfigurable logic is converted to a GPU like entity, together forming a
heterogeneous SoC.

3. Do you plan to run the SoC on an FPGA for prototyping and testing
purposes?, or are you using some other methodologies?

Thanks and regards,

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