[libre-riscv-dev] [Bug 55] IOpad Cell Library needed with industry-standard GPIO and DDR capability

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--- Comment #3 from Staf Verhaegen <staf at fibraservi.eu> ---
The current IO cell design can be used to get most of the requirements. Some

* There is a level shifted output from the external 3.3V pad voltage to an 1.8V
cell output to the core; this signal is asynchronous. It is meant that digital
logic is added on this output to implement things like meta-stability
prevention, debouncing and IRQ generation.
* The block has separate inputs for enabling each of the sink and the source
drivers. So if all drivers are disabled the output is high impedance and can
driven from an external driver; e.g. in this state the IO cell functions as an
input IO cell.
* There is a distinction between Schmidtt triggering and signal debouncing.
Schmidtt triggering means that the switching threshold is different for a
rising edge than for a falling edge. This is to avoid oscillation in the
level-shifted core output for slowly moving noisy input signals. With signal
debouncing typically stands for the filtering out of mutiple full swing signal
swings like one get from push buttons etc.
Current implementation of the level-shifting does not include Hysteresis but it
should be easy to add for the prototype. As said in first point thoough, signal
debouncing is left to the digital logic connected to the level-shifted output
of the IO cell.

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