[libre-riscv-dev] [Bug 325] create POWER9 TRAP pipeline

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--- Comment #62 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---

> (In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #59)
> > (In reply to Cole Poirier from comment #57)
> > > This is done. Should I start trying to figure out how to write these unit
> > > tests using fu/cr/test/test_pipe_caller as a guide?
> > 
> > yes sure.  although bear in mind that only the instructions which are
> > supported
> > in the emulator will work.
> Oh interesting, is this our fork of gem5?


> Or is this  the one that is
> generated from parsing the csv files?

yes.  hence the need for the pseudocode.  until that exists there *is* no mfmsr
(etc) to test against!

in this case even the TRAP function has to be written.

this would (in python) move the SPRs about, set NIA to 0x700 blah blah.

> > > Or if this will be
> > > outside of my current capacity, should I move on to bug #348?
> > 
> > generally speaking if there are several tasks which you can do, just
> > do another if you're blocked: don't wait to ask, just do it.
> Don't worry, like 'waiting days or hours between commits' this is a bad
> habit you helped me break a few weeks ago.


> > i've done a git push on the libre-soc repo you should be able to retry.
> Hmm yes, looking at the pseudo-code you've written there is no way I would
> have figured out all of the necessary modifications to the spec pseudo code
> needed to get the parser to validate it. Thanks for doing this for me, with
> this knowledge I think I'll be able to do it solo next time.


the syntax is python-indented (that was a pig to implement), and borrowed
python concepts such as brackets.  i replaced operators such as = with <- and
so on.

subscripted ranges were obviously not possible to do in ASCII so i did straight
brackets python slices but kept the POWER numbering.

so the translator pushes an extra +1 out on the "end" of the slice.

you saw that when doing bperm.

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