[libre-riscv-dev] Eliminate Any Make [was: Avoiding CMake]

Scheming Pony scheming-pony at protonmail.com
Thu Feb 20 00:58:53 GMT 2020

> > [I was told by list moderators to get back to technical discussion.]
> pffh, not me, and i'm the list moderator. i agreed that it would be
> nice to get back to technical discussion.

Joking--I told myself.  I also consider myself a moderate, mostly, in a polarized world.

> > At Boeing, I was taught that safety critical software didn't even use 'make'.
> oh dear.

No, in my mind "GOOD".  How do you *verify* buggy old irrational 'make'?

> > Builds, even daily dev ones, compile every single file, every single time.
> > Argue away, but that's how it's done.
> this sounds terribly fraught with serious problems such as incorrectly
> typing compile commands or
> forgetting to run them and using old object files.

I didn't say "no script", hard coded with the compile and linking instructions.  I said "no hacked-up dependency chain kludge known as 'make'."

> if you had said that they used replicable builds and had several
> independent people doing
> manual compiles as a final build check, i would be very much reassured.

That is the point, it was a replicable build.  A checksum would verify that.  Sorry I wasn't clearer--those people knew what they were doing vis-a-vis safety critical software.

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