[libre-riscv-dev] Greetings

Michael Pham pham.michael.98 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 08:28:20 BST 2019

Hello Libre RISC-V people,

I'm Michael and I would like to know how I can contribute to this project!
Although, I have to say up front that I mean this in the "independent
volunteering" sense. As a super busy student, I don't really have the time
to be an actual "member" of the project, i.e., I could disappear for weeks
or months and not be checking in on the project. So you can see me as a
temporary contributor, not a long-term one (at least for the time being;
this might change in the future).

I have just finished reading the Charter Agreement and I agree with it in
general. However, there are some points that don't really apply to me which
I will explain.

"We accept the responsibility of our position."
I agree with the meaning of this, but, like I mentioned, I don't see myself
as a "member", more like a free contributor. So please don't have a strong
reliance on me. I just don't want anyone to get let down.

"Everyone is rewarded equitably for their contributions."
All my help is for free. No need for financial rewards.

"Decision-making and new contributors."
Since I don't consider myself as actually joining as a real member, go
ahead and make decisions without me. No need to include me in unanimous

Everything else in the Charter is ok with me and I will do my best to
follow it. But, I hope I have made how I perceive my position and role
clear to you all.

Moving on from the Charter, I should describe my current technical
background so you all can think of something relevant for me to do.

Currently a CS student at university. I've used Python, Java, and C for my
classes. I have zero hardware experience which means I don't know anything
about circuits, FPGAs, or HDLs. Since I've been skimming the mailing list
for quite a while now, I kind of have a high level overview of what you
guys are doing but a lot of it escapes my understanding.

What can I learn in order to begin contributing?


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