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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sun Aug 11 23:14:29 BST 2019

On Sunday, August 11, 2019, Michael Pham <pham.michael.98 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Libre RISC-V people,
> I'm Michael and I would like to know how I can contribute to this project!

Fantastic, welcome.

> Although, I have to say up front that I mean this in the "independent
> volunteering" sense. As a super busy student, I don't really have the time
> to be an actual "member" of the project, i.e., I could disappear for weeks
> or months and not be checking in on the project. So you can see me as a
> temporary contributor, not a long-term one (at least for the time being;
> this might change in the future).


> I have just finished reading the Charter Agreement and I agree with it in
> general. However, there are some points that don't really apply to me which
> I will explain.
> "We accept the responsibility of our position."
> I agree with the meaning of this, but, like I mentioned, I don't see myself
> as a "member", more like a free contributor. So please don't have a strong
> reliance on me. I just don't want anyone to get let down.
> "Everyone is rewarded equitably for their contributions."
> All my help is for free. No need for financial rewards.
> "Decision-making and new contributors."
> Since I don't consider myself as actually joining as a real member, go
> ahead and make decisions without me. No need to include me in unanimous
> decision-making.
> Everything else in the Charter is ok with me and I will do my best to
> follow it. But, I hope I have made how I perceive my position and role
> clear to you all.

Yes, it's really there to help people to do just that.

> Moving on from the Charter, I should describe my current technical
> background so you all can think of something relevant for me to do.

Ok, i thought about this a bit, and the most immediate useful thing to do
is quite simple, we need a new table on the wiki that shows the Khronos
OpenCL functions vs the proposed Transcendentals and Trig functions.

Columns with the FP32 name FP16 name native name fast name if one exists.

cos | half_cos | native_cos | fast_cos

Most of the fast column would be empty.

Use the exact function names from the 1op and 2op table, as the 1st column.

2nd column is the FP32 OpenCL name.
3rd is the "half_ name" if it exists
4th is the "native_ name" if it exists
5th is the "fast" name if it exists.


Page is here, it is backed by git so you cannot "lose" anything.

Link to OpenCL table on that page.

Ignore anything NOT in the 1op or 2op table such as round, erfc, fmax,
floor and so on. JUST the transcendentals exp pow log and trigs cos sin
sinpi atan etc.

This is just a really quick nontechnical but also really important task
right now which needs doing, we can talk and plan something else over time

Really appreciate your help Michael.


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