[libre-riscv-dev] daily kan-ban update 23may2020

Cole Poirier colepoirier at gmail.com
Sat May 23 21:15:14 BST 2020

Luke, since I am blocked on bpermd until Michael is able to take a look, and he is currently busy with the CR pipeline proofs, is there a new instruction I can work on implementing? Or tests that need to be written for existing modules that you’d like me to try doing? Essentially what tasks still need to be completed for the Oct 2020 prototype outside of the very technical and complex pieces like those that you, Michael, Jacob, Cesar, et al are focussing on? I realize that this information should be discernible from the wiki, bug reports and mailing list, however, due to my inexperience I’d like to ask for you guidance on what would be most helpful in achieving our goals for October.


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