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--- Comment #6 from Jean-Paul.Chaput at lip6.fr ---
(In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #5)
> i just also added a second one to experiment8 as an illustration, it is an
> FU-Regs Matrix with the following parameters:
> * Number of Regs:                          4 (to keep it small as a demo)
> * Number of Function Units:                3 (likewise)
> * Number of Regfile Read ports protected:  2
> * Number of Regfile Write ports protected: 2
> these numbers can and will vary.  we have *four* Register Files to
> protect with these Matrices.  five when we have FP support.

Hello Luke,

I'm looking closely to the examples but I still have problem understanding the
nature of the design. As a first I would like to concentrate on the FU-FU
matrix, which,
if I understand well, manage the read/write dependencies between FUs and
generate the
Go_Read & Go_Write signals towards the CU (and some other signals).

There is two "level" of matrixes:

1. The architectural level (that is close to what you do) and the one I cannot
   guess. With 3 FU, is there a 3x3 matrix or 3 FU blocks only, and in the
later case,
   it may not be a matrix but just a row or a column.
     But maybe I make confusion between FU and the dependency matrix of the

2. The layout (cell level) into which the cells of *one* FU (or whatever
   are also arrayed in a matrix. As we may not put all the cells of a block in
   one row.

So would it be possible to send examples where one block of the matrix (in the
sense of 1.) is clearly identified (best would be that it is put in a
sub-block) ?

Or, if it is really inconvenient due to the way the design is described at
nMigne level,
list me what I/O signals (which bit of vectors) are specific to one element of
matrix ?

A slow learner.

PS: I still not completely understand the color coding of the scoreboard
    Is the size and position of the little blue/yellow/green squares inside the
red one

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