[libre-riscv-dev] daily kan-ban update 21may2020

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Thu May 21 14:42:45 BST 2020


* tracking cole and michael's pipeline work.  kept up with bugtracking.
* did the planned CompUnitRecord which begins a Comp Unit API
* added "register specifications" to all the pipeline Input/Output
data structures
* got annoyed at saying "no" to Jacob about a monorepo.  as in: i was annoyed
  *that* i had to say "no".  i don't like it: i'd rather say "yes" to
at least something.
* continued a long-running discussion on comp.arch about a term that is
  entirely missing from Computer Science.  "Phase-aware Function Unit"
  seems to cover it.  took several *days* to establish.
* attended the OpenPOWER-LibreSOC bi-weekly meeting, which highlighted
  a crucial fact that 3.1B UNIX Platform spec currently requires SIMD, and thus
  excludes both LibreSOC and microwatt.  also defined some interfaces (thanks
  to Tim).
* contacted an associate who will be able to explain things to Marketnext about
  the developer install dependencies.
* discussed ideas with Cole about XER and Condition Register fields.

this morni... earlier today:

* created LDSTCompUnitRecord (sorry Cesar!) derived from CompUnitRecord
* rearranged the pipeline code slightly / incrementally to create common classes
* put the "register specifications" into the pipelines, ready for auto-creating
  their association with the (multiple) register files.

rest of today:

think.  still trying to work out a suitable structure for how to
connect multiple (completely different) CompUnits up to regfiles.


* DIV and MUL pipelines (Jacob)
* TRAP and SYS pipelines (Cole)
* LDSTCompUnit multi-unit testing (actually probably L0CacheBuffer
issue) (Cesar)
* L0CacheBuffer (Jacob)


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