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--- Comment #66 from Cole Poirier <colepoirier at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Jacob Lifshay from comment #62)
> At the bash prompt, type Ctrl-R then some portion of the previous command,
> it's the readline shortcut for search through history from most to least
> recent. You can also keep pressing Ctrl-R to go to the previous occurrence.

Appreciate the tip Jacob.

> > however *after* that fast-iterative cycle (explicitly running only the
> > relevant
> > test), it is kinda important to run more (nosetests3, python3 setup.py test)
> > just
> > to make absolutely sure you didn't break anything unrelated.  don't tell
> > no-one
> > i tend not to do that very often... :)
> should do it more often, since otherwise stuff never gets fixed. Part of why
> I went to lots of effort to get CI setup and working (which still needs
> someone to finish setting up the CI mailing list and the sendmail script for
> use with gitlab-ci-archiver).

Was that task assigned to Jock? I remember I helped with the initial setup but
I thought I remembered Jock taking over once the CI mailing list task was
introduced. Jacob, is there any testing stuff that I was supposed to do that
you've noticed I forgot or failed to do? I don't think there is, but honestly I
forget, as I moved on to focusing on the coriolis chroot setup script
immediately after that.

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