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--- Comment #25 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
        rb64 = Array([Signal(1, reset_less=True, name=f"rb64_{i}") for i in

Cole, this is over the 80-char limit.

this is why i recommended split it into two: setting up a list,
followed by assigning the list to an array.

also, *because* it is assigned to an Array, this code:

        for i in range(64):
            m.d.comb += rb64[i].eq(self.rb[i])

might actually try to generate an Array-assigning method of setting
the 64 elements.  you'll have to check the graphviz

the *possibility* of that occurring is why i recommended it to be done as:

        rb64 = [Signal.... for i in range(64)]
        for i in range(64):
            m.d.comb += rb64[i].eq(self.rb[i])
        rb64 = Array(rb64)

see the difference?  this one is assigning to signals that, oh look,
they happen to be in a python list.

the one that you did, the signals are assigned *via the nmigen Array*.

and the code is violating PEP8 by being over 80 chars in length.

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