[libre-riscv-dev] marketnext online call, earlier today

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Fri May 15 14:44:44 BST 2020

went very well.  it was over 2 hours (100 attendees), i got an
opportunity to speak for 5 minutes about our project, and for Shine,
the Director of the Marketnext Foundation, to mention the upcoming
Hackathon online session which will be May 30th.

there are at least 15 different groups who have expressed an interest
in helping with the project in the various different NLNet-funded
categories: this is a LOT of people to take on board at once, so one
of the things that will be important to do is to create separate
mailing lists for the different NLNet milestones: coriolis2 layout,
formal proofs, and so on, and have the bugtracker report to those
*different* locations rather than a single list.

we really, really need the LD/ST Comp Unit working by then, otherwise
i will be unable to focus on it.  to get it done i need help and

also we need a branch / trap / anything-that-changes-the-PC Function
Unit.  from Samuel's early advice, he pointed out that any new
processor should get three instructions working:

* load
* add
* branch

from there, everything else falls into place.


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