[libre-riscv-dev] daily kan-ban update 08mar2020

Yehowshua yimmanuel3 at gatech.edu
Fri May 8 21:27:28 BST 2020

Today I worked on legal things.
Also put a rough sketch together for the minimum number of interfaces we need to support.

I put USB and ethernet at second priority. I talked with Florent from EnjoyDigital, and while LiteX supports USB, it may require some non-trivial modification on our part if we didn’t want to go with (FTDI or Cypress) chips which I think max out at 200MB/s.

He pointed me to some alternatives in both Migen and nMigen:
- https://github.com/im-tomu/valentyusb <https://github.com/im-tomu/valentyusb>
- https://github.com/lambdaconcept/lambdaUSB <https://github.com/lambdaconcept/lambdaUSB>
- https://github.com/greatscottgadgets/luna <https://github.com/greatscottgadgets/luna>

I’ll pop them on the Wiki.

Litex also support ethernet which would require a $20 PHY, not great for a low cost SBC. We could also do ethernet over USB - this would render the boot loader slightly more complex if we wished to use ethernet during the boatloader.

Again, ethernet is not **essential for a minimum viable ASIC.


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