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--- Comment #192 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
(In reply to Jock Tanner from comment #187)
> My working environment is finally set up.
> I have fixed a typo regarding virtual environment activation in 6.5 of HDL
> workflow. I also mentioned the dependencies (either python3-venv or
> python-virtualenv) that was kinda taken for granted. 

ahh hang on. that will need discussion under a separate bugreport (jock csn you
raise one, 4am here at thr moment).  pip is seriously compromised (zero
security and zero replicability).

oh, it is not for coriolis2, it's for sfpy.

> I think now the
> documentation is Buster-proof.


> Maybe now it's a good time to script the whole process? Or is it not an
> issue?

hmm as long as each of us, in the small team, have the same build i'm happy for

when we start to do replicable builds we will need to get stricter about this.

at that time we will use specific frozen git tags, specific build dependencies
and absolutely nothing else.  no editors, no dev tools, nothing.

dokkka would be "perfect" for that where right now it just gets in the way.

> I've also been thinking of up- and downsides of using chroot vs Docker vs
> native OS packaging,

see jean paul's earlier comment in this thread about replicability.

OS packaging does not help to ensure absolute identical setups.

> and soon I have realized that the biggest downside of
> our current setup is that it can be problematic for me to unleash the full
> potential of my IDE on this project. 

three options, very simple.

1. git push and git pull between tge two.  use the server to do so (please
don't create branches, use master).

2. mount-bind the chroot's home directory to outside where you use the
preferred editors etc.

3. don't even bother doing that, just run the preferred editors in

there are probably others.

installing full editor enviromnents in the chroot is not a desirable goal. the
coriolis2 guis are tolerated because it is timeconsuming to remove them from
the untegrated dev environment.  i would be much happier if they weren't a
necessary install prerequisite, to be installed *outside* the chroot.

anyway, you have things running, thus is good.  can you take a look at the
bencgs nmigen doAlu16.py and experiments5 in soclayout?

you can see i am trying to get blocks done in a hierarchical fashion.  set the
inputs on NORTH and outputs on SOUTH then autoroute them, then *use* those
blocks to make a bigger block, then use that bigger block in an even bigger

each time you say which side the inputs and outputs are to go on.

so a really useful meta-function will be to do the same thing as ioring.py

look in the aliance-check-toolkit benhs find . -name ioring.py you will see
what it does.

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