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--- Comment #186 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
(In reply to Jock Tanner from comment #185)
> (In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #183)
> > ok great, do you want to alter that in the wiki, to get familiar
> > with doing that?
> Sure. Do I need an account for that?

yes just create something - whatever you like.  if it's more convenient i can
give you access to the ikiwiki git repository

> > cd ~/soclayout
> > cd experiment
> > git pull
> > make vst
> > make view
> > 
> > that should do it
> I tried

make view or make cgt then open the cell manually (Ctrl-O) and then type the
name of any of the *.ap files, without the extension.

> > $ git clone ssh://gitolite3@git.libre-riscv.org:922/libresoc.git
> to get the source, but first I got password confirmation requests

ah whoops, yes, don't do passwords, that's important: all that will happen is,
your IP address gets instantly banned when the failure turns up in

> > gitolite3 at git.libre-riscv.org's password:
> and then, after a dozen attempts − 
> > ssh: connect to host git.libre-riscv.org port 922: Connection refused
> I had my private key in ‘~/.ssh’ folder on chroot environment. Am I doing
> something wrong, or is it a thing with the git server?

ah, arse.  no, i forgot to say: don't try password auth, because that's a sign
to fail2ban to instantly ban your ip address.

can you find out your external public ip address and let me know what it is by
email?  i'll need to whitelist it.

the reason i set draconian fail2ban rules is because the server gets several
hundred ssh attacks *a day*.  there are therefore usually between 80 to 150 ssh
"banned" IP addresses, all the time. i got fed up with it and set extremely
strict rules.

> No no no, it's broken, but in more subtle way. =)

ok.  well, we're not using dreal.

>  `xterm` (and `cgt`) are
> working fine just with “DISPLAY=:1”. The problem only applies to `dreal`.

we're not using dreal, so it's not a problem.  only cgt (i.e. "make view")

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