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--- Comment #2 from Cole Poirier <colepoirier at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #1)
> (In reply to Cole Poirier from comment #0)
> > Cole Poirier:
> they're generally unwelcome except in this case we actually have donations
> available.

Understood. I will take the time and diligence to properly respect each
community's guidelines.

When it comes to contacting official university faculty/student mailing lists,
the only option that I can think of is to send a polite email to the
administrators of these lists at each school/department. 

In the email I will ask if they can please share with their mailing list
(usually department student mailing lists will promote job/internship
opportunities, ours is like a donation-based, task-completion based
internship(?)) our letter that outlines an opportunity to work on a complex
real world hardware and software project, as well as get paid in donations by
NLNet for the tasks they complete. Is my presumption correct, or is there a
better method you can recommend? 

> it is however necessary to carefully research each organisation and find out.
> for example, the FSF takes a dim view of recruitment spam on its losts. 
> they have a special "jobs" board.  you have to give a small donation to use
> it.
> except... we are not *looking* for "jobs" because we are not a commercial
> entity.

Indeed, I have been and will continue to be very careful to assert this
essential distinction in my communications about this.

> sigh.
> so on that one we fall between two stools.

Don't despair, I'll be trying to put some significant effort into this, because
you've already being at it for years, but now I think you really have more
important things to take care of and devote your focus to. 

May I be delegated the task of recruitment (non-commercial 'contracted' work on
tasks that are eligible for donations)? I will keep the project informed of my
efforts here... Well actually I think I'll create a new bug for this under the
new top-level "Libre-SOC Organization" bugzilla product. I understand that this
task requires tact, patience, and a lot of time. I am willing to devote the
necessary effort and time, and would like to be explicitly delegated this task
so that I can work on this officially. I'd like some guidelines from the
project members as to how I should represent Libre-SOC in my communications,
and further input on what I should do, as this will be my responsibility,
however I am not solely 'in charge' of this because that is explicitly not how
our organization is structured.

> yes, basically, each organisation will have some interaction guidelines, and
> i would recommend contacting the organisers privately to ask their advice.
> this will take time.

Your tact is something I will ensure to preserve in my communications on behalf
of the project.

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