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--- Comment #6 from Cole Poirier <colepoirier at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #5)
> correct.  this is what the original quad core was intended for.
> thus, only 1x 32 bit DDR 800 mhz RAM interface would be perfectly
> sufficient... for *that* scenario (hence the $4 target price), and it would
> only need around a 350mW power budget (the DRAMs themselves, that is.  the
> SoC DRAM drivers would i *think* be around an additional 150mW. have to
> check).

Thanks for this clarification, helps a lot for understanding our product's (or
now products' ?) market segmentation.

> the target being discussed here, by virtue of having interfaces that at full
> speed consume an estimated 8 watts, these are far outside a
> tablet/smartphone 100 million+ volumes power budget.
> it is basically a radically different market: GPU Graphics Card market,
> basically.

Oh, that also makes a lot more sense. Kanban will definitely help me keep track
of and make sense of these related but separate 'tracks'.
> *if correct*, with the (unconfirmed, anticipated) higher power demands, a
> plastic package is in no way going to be adequate.
> it will have to be ceramic, with a metal top.  i'd also suggest a minimum 25
> mm square, to help with thermal dissipation.
> the actual pincount, due to the SERDES, might be quite reasonable (except
> there's a lot of them): maybe 400 to 500 or so.
> we will need people who know exactly what they are doing, here, who have
> done this type of high power high speed ASIC before.
> Rudi is the person who springs to mind, not just from the technical
> capability and 25+ years experience, he also likes what we are doing.
> we need some numbers.

Wow that is radically different, and very, very exciting! I'm gladdened to hear
of Rudy's experience as well as his affinity towards our project. Is it
possible that he may know some other people that would be interested in either
assisting him, or working on another part of the project?  Of course receiving
donations for all of their completed tasks. Or if we are able to find some more
investors, we can pay them for new project requirements that are not covered
under the scope of our existing NLNET 2018 and 2019 grants?

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