[libre-riscv-dev] "I'm afraid we're going backwards here."

Ing. Clive Tovero clive.tovero at aol.com
Sat Feb 22 22:15:48 GMT 2020

Hello Libre-SOCiety,

Instead of generating potentially more environmentally incompatible 
landfill by generating Libre-SOC, why can't we continue using what we 
have until there is _some_ bio-compatibility.  There is of course, the 
fact that old devices might use more energy, as well as other 
complications and "mitigating factors".  "Cash for clunkers," (not 
exactly the same idea) was a program in the U.S. for getting gross 
polluting cars off the road--my lungs are thankful, but wasn't 
side-effect free.

What if we streamlined the software to just the bare essentials, made 
the software more energy efficient, and ran it on our existing or 
recycled H/W until manufacturers pledged "We don't make e-junk, or junk 
at all!"  Reverse the trend of features to spin watt-hour meters...and 
generating such intellectual contributions of "Oooh, aaaah, and cutesy, 
cutesy? [sic]".

Consider this link, given to me anonymously:


To that end, I'm going to do my development on existing equipment only. 
Getting back to basic engineering principals and not "hacking" other 
than on prototypes would be an idea to examine.

Sincere regards,

Ing. Clive Tovero


[I spent 4 hours today tracking down how to create plain text email in 
T-bird 60 (really, 60?) through a wall of visual complexity.  If you 
reply to this in HTML, I'm going to...ask you politely to try not to do 
it again.  Why doesn't the MF hire someone who can read "Inside 
MacIntosh: UI Guidelines" an start reworking T-bird and F-fox.  Ask the 
MF for some grant money.]

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