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--- Comment #70 from Jean-Paul.Chaput at lip6.fr ---

> > No problem. You should have a look to the RingOscillator bench in
> > alliance-check-toolkit. Fully manually placed & routed block.
> > Shows all the technique you can use.
> okaaay. is there a way to visualise that?  i notice "make view" is missing?

  make cgt

  Then load the "ringoscillator" design.

> > For FPU block, the P&R should be used unless you have a clear idea
> > of the placement. But from what I know, it is not trivial.
> the blocks are just a long chain.  combinatorial block, registers,
> combinatorial block, registers, repeat, repeat.
> the direction from each block is forward-only.  in other words, inputs
> come in exclusively on left, outputs go out exclusively on right.
> so what i don't want to see happening is a massive mess of several
> hundreds of thousand gates.
> instead what i would like to see is a defined "width" parameter, set for
> all "blocks", then the connections between each are defined such that
> the inputs from one block come "straight" from the outputs of the previous.

  OK, remaining question may be do you have a placement in mind for
  each combinatorial block or do we use the placer?

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