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--- Comment #63 from Jean-Paul.Chaput at lip6.fr ---
I will look into it this afternoon.

> ok. that sounds like a good idea to me anyway.  mind racing ahead
> somewhat, we probably should be creating a way to auto-generate
> the entire structure based on information in the actual source
> code.

I'm on the same line of though here. Reproductibility through full
automation is a key point in this line of work. My brain was a
little slow to kick off, but I finally reminded myself that, based on
our experience at building ASICs here, it is fundamental that
we choose *one* target platform, specify the *exact* versions
(git hashes) of each tools to build the design. It can be a chrooted
environment, a docker container, a full VM image or whatever so
all people works exactly the same. We may provide the image and the
fully automated procedure to rebuild it from scratch.

Considering a chrooted Debian 9, we should use the *same* user inside
it. Ideally the same name/UID, but keeping a common UID across various
systems may be difficult, so at least the same name. And publish the
whole constructed chrooted filesystem (bit tarball).

Running nMigen outside the chroot is a quick hack, but the kind that
must be avoided. I've absolutely nothing against hack, as long as
they can be automated.

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