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--- Comment #37 from Jean-Paul.Chaput at lip6.fr ---
I commited in alliance-check-toolkit an example for test_part_add.

1. To correct the lvx error, add in the Makefile:
     VST_FLAGS = --vst-use-concat
   My fault here, I did encounter this error before. There is a tricky
   problem in the vst format. The affectation sometimes needs to be in
   the form (in PORT MAP):
      terminal => the_net(2 downto 0)
   And sometimes
      terminal => the_net(2) & the_net(1) & the_net(0)
   The instances messages where a by-product as "add1" was not getting
   loaded in the nestlist.

2. To avoid the "has an abutment box but is not placed" message, add
   the sub-modules to the NETLISTS variable:
                 NETLISTS = test_part_add \
                            ripple        \
    The only requirement is that the "top" module is the first item in
    the list.
      This way, when you do a "make clean", no intermediate ap/vst
    files remains.

3. I did modify blif2vst.py, so it should automatically rename '$$'
   into '_unm' (for Uniquified NMigen). Not tested as I was not able
   to run the test_part_add.py module du to the lack of ieee745

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