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--- Comment #34 from Jean-Paul.Chaput at lip6.fr ---
(In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #33)
> another error, jean-paul:
> EtesianEngine::toColoquinte(): Non-leaf instance \"%s\" of \"%s\" has an
> abutment box but is *not* placed.
> what could cause that one?

  Probably tied to the one of the $$ and Makefile. Be sure to remove any ".ap"
  between two runs. And any ".vst" as well. For a given design, always restart
  a clean slate (better handled by Coriolis for now).

  Concerning the $$ character, this may turn an annoying problem and I think we
  have to choose a policy regarding it. The Coriolis2 core database, Hurricane
  completely agnostic about characters in names identifiers. BUT the I/O layer,
  currently AllianceFramework for interacting with Alliance is not. In fact, it
  been built to manage VHDL, and characters authorized in names reflect that.
    We can convene on a way to sanitize the identifier on the fly when loaded
  by the blif2vst converter (note that VST stands for Vhdl STructural...)
    For example mux$19 ==> mux_u19

  I know it's lazy of me, but if you direct me where I can get your test design
  I may try directly.

  The Borg Collective.

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