[libre-riscv-dev] next tasks

Scheming Pony scheming-pony at protonmail.com
Thu Feb 20 15:47:23 GMT 2020

(require! 'codes-of-conducts-module) AAAHHHHH! ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H (whew)
(require! 'code-of-humor-module)

[It's only 10 AM here and I'm already doing my bedtime mantra, "Tell Babylon, anytime dem ready, bring on the drama." by Inner Circle.]

> context: you removed some of the words. the words said, "forvectorisation".

Please get a mirror, and repeat up to and including "...the words."  I just did this.

Going to Duck, Duck, Go...

| "forvectorisation" site:lists.libre-riscv.org | Search |

(Lynx browser joke)

> No results found for "forvectorisation" site:lists.libre-riscv.org

Error correction protocol invoked...<insert space> <ddg past-day setting>...

| "for vectorisation" site:lists.libre-riscv.org | Search |

> No results found for "for vectorisation" site:lists.libre-riscv.org.
> Suggestions:
>    Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
>    Try different keywords.
>    Try more general keywords.
>    Try fewer keywords.


I ain't reading through that stuff yesterday to make my point that I was feeling some negative vibrations about the available tooling.  Sorry for any misunderstanding @Luke.  At Cessna we developed a pre-Dilbert whiteboard cartoon to narrowly avert such misunderstandings, ostensibly about a customer service clown, but ultimately about ourselves, er, me.

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