[libre-riscv-dev] The libre hardware revolution was postponed due to mailing list issues

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Mon Feb 17 16:40:38 GMT 2020


My name is Stewart Milberger.  I had an off-list discussion with Luke. He has helped me extract some of my relevant experience from a sea of bad puns:

I have about 30 years experience in C and C++. I've been focusing on Lisp recently. I started using OpenGL at 1.1 many years ago. I have a undergrad degree in CS with a minor in math. I have done many, many projects in all kinds of domains, but focusing on graphics for 20 years.

Luke thought this general background might be relevant to your Mesa subtask.

I haven't contributed to Mesa, but I have used parts like the software renderer for my own work. My current work is on scene graphs (especially parallelization) and functional geometric modeling and rendering. Some of the recent (past decade, or so) published projects I have developed or contributed to:

https://www.github.com/libfive/libfive (the viewers)

Luke and I talked a little about your hardware dev system.  I have been working on a minimal Posix system (LFS, e.g.) for my "instant-on, 4th gen personal computer" now security hardened and equipped with graphics from a supercomputer. That might be an area where I can contribute.  One of the ideas I mentioned to Luke was the concept of a Lisp coprocessor in silicon.  How about MIT/Scheme ported to silicon, with an editor, computer algebra system, physics, propagators, etc. for symbolic work?  It would be cool to have Edwin available as a system monitor, like the assembly monitor of the Apple ][ (my first assembly experience in 1977).

I do look forward to talking to all of you!  This is really a project I have wanted to see for a long time.

Stewart Milberger

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