[libre-riscv-dev] Hi, I am new and like to work, contribute to this project

Veera vklr at vkten.in
Sat Feb 15 00:25:49 GMT 2020


On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 06:51:35PM +0000, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> hiya veera, i have a task for you if you'd like it :)
> i would like to install public-inbox on the server so that even the
> mailing lists are in a git repository.  it works very well... *if* the
> mailboxes are in Maildir format.
> unfortunately, the default configuration on debian for exim4 + mailman
> + pipermail is mailbox-format, and the fact that it takes up vast
> amounts of CPU power to parse mailbox formats time and time again is
> discouraging the public-inbox developer from adding it as a supported
> feature.
> can you set up a test debian/stable server somewhere (even if it's a
> local VM or chroot), install exim4 internet-facing, drop mailman2 on
> it, set that up, then work out how to *alter* both the exim4 and
> mailman configs?  google "exim4 Maildir" and it seems straightforward,
> likewise google "mailman Maildir" and there are postfix configs out
> there (because postfix defaults to Maildir).
> the thing is i can't experiment on the live server and i'm also pushed for time.
> if you'd like to do that, we can create a bugreport and assign it to you?

Okay, I will try and do. Do you have a time limit for this by when done?
Just asking if you know: Can it be done totally on local machine and then
adapted? Or does it needs a internet facing exim4?

In my VPS setup I use qmail. And have done postfix building and setup locally.

> best,
> l.


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