[libre-riscv-dev] KCP53010 in danger

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Mon Jul 29 18:55:43 BST 2019

On Mon, Jul 29, 2019 at 5:59 PM Samuel Falvo II <sam.falvo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Luke, et. al.
> I'm going through something of an existential crisis.
> Due to the natural attention deficit that comes with advancing age, being
> overburdened from my daily job, and familial distractions combined, it is
> becoming increasingly clear to me that I just don't have the resources to
> dedicate to evolving the KCP53000 processor design into the KCP53010.  When
> resources *do* become available, I'm at such a loss as to where I left off
> in the project, that I spend almost the entire time available to me
> re-acquainting myself with it.

 yehh there's techniques to help with that, based on knowledge of
brain chemistry.  we transfer information from electrical to chemical
neuron memory overnight, during sleep.  anything "not used" within a
6-8 week period gets "transferred" to the chemical

 tony buzan's "mind map" techniques, whilst not being aware of the
above, end up "activating" - refreshing - electrical memory, by making
sure that the "recall" triggers are always kept there.

 the second thing is to keep the brain properly fed.  MCT Oil (Type 8
is for body, Type 10 for brain, i think - you'll have to look it up).
and if you're getting older: Co-Q-10 supplement, plus *pharmaceutical*
grade multi-vitamin/minerals (look up "Usana").

most multi-vitamins that are "FDA Approved", if you look them up, the
law says, "this product is required not to do any harm".  the guy
behind Usana is a chemist: his wife wasn't getting any better when he
bought some vitamins.  so he took them to his lab and analysed them
(because he could) - ZERO actual vitamin content, and when i say
"zero" i mean ZERO.

he started Usana which has a declaration "Pharmaceutical Grade" on the
bottles: he's LEGALLY required to ACTUALLY have the stated quantity of
vitamins in the bottle, and he made sure to get a type that the body
can actually absorb.

the third thing: stress is *guaranteed* to terminate *all* possibility
of being able to task-switch.  *ageing* is not the cause of ageing:
*stress* is the cause of ageing.

the fourth thing: sleep.  abbbsolutely critical to repairing neural
damage.  you want alzheimer's, parkinson's or other degenerative
disease, keep up with a long-term regime of sleep deprivation.

> By the time I've made any progress at all,
> it's time to go back to my day-job, at which point I just page everything
> out again.

 yyup.  you need to keep it "in mind", every single day.  it doesn't
have to take very long: just a thought as to where you got up to.  or,
just to re-read the notes (the top-level summary).

> I don't know what I want to do.  I just know that I need to do something.
> I'm going stir-crazy, and I really feel that the Kestrel-3 is in serious
> jeopardy.  I guess I'm selfishly hoping saner minds more experienced with
> larger designs can provide some spare guidance.

what i love about what you've done, Samuel, is the formal testing.  as
you're probably used to it, i don't believe you have an indicator of
how radical that is.  the complexity of the development that i do
using "standard" unit testing, to compensate for what i cannot
understand is just... it's ridiculous.

> Thanks for listening to me vent. *sigh*


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