[libre-riscv-dev] Just reading the spec again

Tobias Platen hacks2019 at platen-software.de
Fri Jul 19 19:43:18 BST 2019

When I started working on the TLB, I saw a reference to Volume II: 
RISC-V Privileged Architectures V1.10 Page 57.

The spec says Reserved for page-based 57-bit virtual addressing but the 
previous mail said:

> An idea: we need to step the TLB code up  to the 56 bit level, it is currently at 39 bits.

I just changed the signal width in ariane/mmu.py and ariane/ptw.py to 56 
bit and reran the already existing unit tests. I expected everything to 
fail, but none of the TLB tests failed.


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