[libre-riscv-dev] Hello everyone (Cole Poirier)

Abel Joseph John eddy.gta17 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 02:40:06 BST 2020

> Welcome Abel! Very glad to have you joining us :)

Thanks Cole

> The first thing I would suggest you do is go over the tutorial on

I have started going through it. There is a lot of information that you
guys have compiled. It would take some time but everything is well

> and if you have any questions about anything in that to ask them here,
and I or someone else will respond and try our best to help you.

I also found an IRC #libre-soc, would that also be a good place to ask

> Do you have a particular interest in any part of this project or is your
interest entirely general?

I have done some work with backend scripting in a project but I would love
to learn about the frontend processes. Especially verification. I have
started with learning n-migen.


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