[libre-riscv-dev] extremely busy crowdsupply update started

Immanuel, Yehowshua U yimmanuel3 at gatech.edu
Sun Mar 29 04:14:18 BST 2020

> * yehowshua if you could write a paragraph or two about CREATE-X

Hi Luke,

Crowd Supply Update

Yehowshua is a student at Georgia Tech currently pursuing a Masters in Computer Engineering - to graduate this summer. He had started working on LibreSOC in December and wanted to to get LibreSOC more funding so I could work on it full time.

He originally asked if the ECE Chair at Georgia Tech would be willing to fund an in-department effort to deliver an SOC in collaboration with LibreSOC(an idea to which he was quite receptive). Through Luke, Yehowshua got in contact with Chistopher Klaus who suggested Yehowshua should look into Klaus's startup accelerator program Create-X and perhaps consider taking LibreSOC down the startup route. Robert Rhinehart, who had funded LibreSOC a little in the past also suggested that Yehowshua incorporate LibreSOC with help from Create-X and said he would be willing to be a seed investor. All this happened by February.

As of March, Yehowshua has been talking with Robert about what type of customers would be interested in LibreSOC. Robert is largely interested in biological applications. Yehowshua also had a couple meetings with Rahul from Create-X. Yehowshua has started the incorporation of LibreSOC. The parent company will probably be called Systèmes-Libres with LibreSOC simply being one of the products we will offer. Yehowshua also attended HPCA in late February and had mentioned LIbreSOC during his talk. People seemed to find the idea quite interesting

He will later be speaking with some well know startup lawyers in have an HQ in Atlanta to discuss business related things such as S Corps, C corps, taxes, wages, equity etc…

Yehowshua plans for Systèmes-Libres to hire full time employees. Part time work on Libre-SOC will still be possible through donations and support from NL Net and companies like purism.

Currently, Yehowshua plans to take the Create-X summer launch program and fund Systèmes-Libres by August. Full time wages would probably be set around 100k USD.

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