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--- Comment #33 from vklr at vkten.in <vklr at vkten.in> ---
I have worked out a basic exim4-mailman2-public-inbox setup.

Please see the attachments for details.
pi.txt, pi-init.txt, exim4.txt, git.txt and pi-mda.txt.

Please note only mailing list messages are delivered.
Read pi-mda.txt

Exim4 can be set to deliver copy of mails to the subscribed email account to
separate Maildir directory or Mbox file.

And as Eric said a cron job can delete old files in case of Maildir.
Dovecot can be setup to deliver mails from this folder.

As for conversion of old Mbox files to public-inbox, am working on it.
Debian mb2md package can do it. public-inbox-watch can be used for
initialization from this Maildir data. And then regular public-inbox-mda does
it's job of live delivery.

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