[libre-riscv-dev] [Bug 217] create a "ring" system which allows pad locations to be specified conveniently

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--- Comment #11 from Jock Tanner <tanner.of.kha at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #9)
> ok - don't leave it several days.  we don't have time for "i can't get it to
> work therefore i'm going to keep quiet and spend time because i'm
> embarrassed to admit i can't get it to work".

Roger that. But I can't say I'm much embarrassed (though maybe I should be),
because I've seen several such big projects, which seemed cryptic and
incomprehensible at first, but opened up with time and observation. Except that
this time I seemed to underestimate the domain.

> > First of all, I'm not sure what the result of the 'doAlu16.py' script should
> > be, and how running of the script relates to running 'make' with different
> > targets. 
> you need to run "make lvx" then "make view".  nothing else: absolutely
> nothing else.
> you *might* have to run "make clean" if something has not worked because
> occasionally the intermediary files are modified such that on subsequent
> runs they affect ongoing output.

Wait a minute, Luke. I'm doing 'make lvx' and 'make view', and it gives me
pretty picture and no errors. But I also run the script itself ('doAlu16.py'),
because I remember you said somewhere that we must be able to get the results
without GUI. That's where I get the 'No track near axis' error. Should I run it
or not?

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