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--- Comment #13 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
could everyone just have a look at this and see if i've got it right:

the idea is as described: turn the last 4 bits of the address, plus the
length (1,2,4,8 bytes) into a bitmap, equal in length to a cache line
(actually, 2 cache lines) i.e. 2x 16-bits

then you do *unary* bit-wise compare on those, but *binary* compare on
the remainder of the address.

the tricky bit is that the roll-over (misaligned on a 16-byte boundary)
will need *three* compares:

* address-equal, compare 1st cache line (16 LSBs of the bitmap)
* 1st address PLUS ONE equal to *2nd* address:
  - compare 8 bytes of 1st address's SECOND cache line (bits 16-23) with
    first 8 bytes of 2nd address's FIRST cache line (bits 0-7)
* reverse - *2nd* address PLUS ONE equal to 1st address
  - likewise reverse on bitmap.

confusing as hell, hence why it needs checking.

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