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--- Comment #199 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---

i meant rpyc not pyro4, specifically ZeroDeploy:

however for "easiest" deployment it may need sshd installed in the chroot and
set to a non-standard ssh port in /home/chroot/coriolis/etc/ssh/sshd_config

otherwise you will have to futz about trying to work out the manual list of
things right there in paragraph one "Zero-Deploy RPyC", over a chroot.

all of which is quite a lot of hassle, particularly as even once rpyc works,
you still have to work out how to get it to work under pycharm.

you *might* simply be able to do this (not involving rpyc) after getting sshd
running on a non-standard port number in the chroot:


now, if there was a *really clear benefit* - bear in mind that coriolis2 is
*not* a standard "straight python" module, it's a computationally-heavy hybrid
c++ python module - i'd say it was worth pursuing.

really, i really can't think of any good reasons that pycharm brings which
can't be had *outside* the chroot, by installing the source code *outside* the
chroot (soclayout, nmigen, everything).

if you *really* need pycharm to do "import Hurricane" in order to walk it, can
i suggest attempting installation of coriolis2 and alliance under archlinux,
although please don't spend too much time doing so.

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