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--- Comment #196 from Jock Tanner <tanner.of.kha at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #192)
> three options, very simple.

These are the options of accessing program text. What I'd like to have is an
option of accessing the interpreter. I can point Pycharm to run/pause/inspect
either a system level interpreter, or a virtualenv'd one. Problem is Pycharm
can not work with an interpreter that installed in chroot, being outside of it.
There is an option of remote debugging, as @Yehowshua mentions, but it has its

> anyway, you have things running, thus is good.  can you take a look at the
> bencgs nmigen doAlu16.py and experiments5 in soclayout?
> you can see i am trying to get blocks done in a hierarchical fashion.  set
> the inputs on NORTH and outputs on SOUTH then autoroute them, then *use*
> those blocks to make a bigger block, then use that bigger block in an even
> bigger block.
> each time you say which side the inputs and outputs are to go on.
> so a really useful meta-function will be to do the same thing as ioring.py
> look in the aliance-check-toolkit benhs find . -name ioring.py you will see
> what it does.

I'll take a look right now.

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