[libre-riscv-dev] PDK from TSMC

Staf Verhaegen staf at fibraservi.eu
Thu Mar 5 15:31:30 GMT 2020

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton schreef op do 05-03-2020 om 12:39 [+0000]:
> we do the layout in "symbolic" form (using "phantom views" of the TSMC
> Cell Libraries which is entirely libre-licensed), and he does the
> final pass (under NDA) turning into "real" form using *real* TSMC Cell
> Libraries which are identical shape and connections to the "phantom"
> (libre-licensed) ones.

As said in other reply the work will not be done using abstract views
of TSMC standard cell library. The abstract views also fall under the
Coriolis will use an open source standard cell library using generic
(lambda) design rules where the final layout will be converted to TSMC
compliant design. The latter one will not be made public.


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