[libre-riscv-dev] Vulkanizing

Scheming Pony scheming-pony at protonmail.com
Thu Feb 20 14:03:28 GMT 2020

>> A very refined and polite way of what explaining I was getting at earlier: "In some sense, you're going back to the graphics system we had, and using the new stuff cargo-cult style."
> not quite.  there's a difference between cargo culting (which is blind faith and worship by way of false correlation) and trust in other people's evaluations and expertise because we did not have [unlimited] time or resources to do otherwise.

Quite.  Man, do I really have to go back and refer to "Don't care. Expediency. Et al.?"  I'm not putting words in Doug's mouth.  Listen to him, not me.  But I've told bigger, Babylon-backed companies my own candid thoughts, why not here?  It ain't nothing personal.

> cargo cults are eyes closed.
> we are eyes open.

Mine aren't quite.  We're expected to get 2" of snow today here in NC.  It shuts everything down and I'm too sleepy to deal with the hilarious insanity.  Minnesota, upstate NY, Colorado mountain towns laugh.  You are not, in fact, a cargo cult.  :) We all just need to be sure of what our assumptions are.

> regardless: the decision has been made, has funds committed, and our sponsors (NLNet) expect us and trust us to deliver, because our reputation and word is now their reputation and word.

I've heard that, a little more of the sunken cost fallacy.  It really is amazing how much like sparrows we are, except for the being nice part sometimes. :)  I whistle back at them, and avoid Tweeterer.

> once we have met our obligations and completed what we have said that we will do, we can then reevaluate.

Keep your word, deals on handshake.  Code of the American West.  I wish we had it back as a world principle.  Wyoming still has it to some extent, "The World Needs More (Real, Liberated) Cowboys." Thank you for practicing it, sir.

> in the meantime we collate input and feedback so that we have a good idea of what to try next.

Good plan.  See my previous stuff today WRT that effort.

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