[libre-riscv-dev] Vulkanizing

Scheming Pony scheming-pony at protonmail.com
Wed Feb 19 23:35:36 GMT 2020

We are now getting back to philosophy and arguments--that is another Circus skit.

My philosophy is that hacking cool stuff is great, but to move forward our society needs to get back to engineering, basic principles, and yes, "Why?"  Think about the 737 Max, for reflection on this idea.  I have no problem with Boeing.  I worked with some of the most incredible, intelligent, and hard-working people there.  They just need new direction.

We need painters and hackers and marketers, but we desperately need good, hardcore engineering.  When I see a great big pile of cruft made by musty decisions coming at me in the windscreen--I pull the eject handle.

The great thing here is that our ideas are compatible.  Our world needs to join hands and fight for freedom.  Being here has focused me on my work, which is just that most of the time.

No more philosophy discussion for me.  They threw me out of Columbia after they found me sitting in the Asian studies library reading about Eastern philosophy.  I thought I was there to read.

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