[libre-riscv-dev] The libre hardware revolution was postponed due to mailing list issues

Scheming Pony scheming-pony at protonmail.com
Mon Feb 17 22:57:19 GMT 2020

> Yes. The Scheme I use is racket, and it's byte-code interpreted. Though they are now putting Racket on top or Chez Scheme. I don't know if Chez copiles to machine code.

Yes, Chez can be compiled to native machine code:


[One of the Chez team lives about 10 miles from me.  They haven't invited me to speak at their Lisp meetup, so I can't recommend them, due to "artistic differences".  But yeah, you could use Racket on Chez. Tech people are a little intimidated by me, but my wife always says, "I think you are nice."]


> Hendrik Boom

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