[libre-riscv-dev] [Bug 178] first coriolis2 tutorial, workflow and "test project" page

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sun Feb 16 10:06:03 GMT 2020

On Sunday, February 16, 2020, Jean-Paul Chaput <Jean-Paul.Chaput at lip6.fr>

> Hello Luke,
> Could you add my public key to the gitolite so I can check out
> your ASIC test repository (in order to backport your modifications
> in alliance-check-toolkit). I did send the public key directly to you
> in a separate email.

yep done, added already, and replied.

> My policy regarding the backport of modifications is that they should
> "enhance" or "extend" functionalities without going "against" the
> overall structural choices I did make to implement the design flow.
> And of course, bug corrections are systematically included.
> You may check if a modification is ok by running the regression
> test suite with the shell script "bin/go.sh" (must be launched
> from the "benchs" directory).
> The Makefile system was the quickest way to stitch together the
> design flow. In the long run, what I would try is to wrap each
> external (non-Coriolis2 tool) in a Python wrapper, so making a
> design will be one big Python script.

ok interesting. ( i quite like Makefiles, because of their ability to
handle file dependencies)

so, more like what tobias created.


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